Joe Giammarco

Joe Giammarco
Redwood City, CA

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Dartmouth Geology Stretch
and Dartmouth Campus, 1978-1979

The Secret Garden: Lamplighters 2008

Paris US Embassy Concert, Feb 2007

Wedding Pictures

Scanned Slides:
Late 1970s to Early 1980s

Hugo Giammarco

June 2, 1926 - August 5, 2004

Josie in California, Aug 2005

Family Pictures

Opera Pictures

The Lamplighters

Pictures from Paris

1997 trip to Nepal (Khumbu trek, climb of Mera)

Whistler Feb 2004

Saint Francis of Assissi School,
Newburgh, NY Class of 1971

Pictures from Jan 2007 cruise and Shannon's wedding

Red Tied Hockey

Briarfield House

St. Francis reunion
at Marty's, 8/14/2004

Apres Ski Club trip to
Jackson Hole, March 2001

Apres: Half Dome 2001

Mt. Conness:

Pictures from Tuolumne Meadows
backpacking trip, July 1999

Dartmouth 20th reunion,
25th reunion, class of 1979

Dartmouth College
Dartmouth class of 1979

Hugo Giammarco (deceased 8/5/2004, born: Newburgh, NY)
Josephine Ventimiglia Giammarco (Cornwall, NY, born: Tunis, Tunisia)
Marie Giammarco (Chester, VA, born: Newburgh, NY)
Joseph Giammarco (Redwood City, CA, born: Newburgh, NY)
Donna Giammarco Farquhar (Lexington, KY, born: Newburgh, NY)
Michael Giammarco (Winter Haven, FL, born: Newburgh, NY)